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  • 可再生材料(近100%可回收率)  

  • 极高的耐用性  

  • 极强的抗老化和抗腐蚀性  

  • 合金添加物使合金具有极高的可切削性(可由机器完成)  

  • 抗菌效果  

  • 合金添加物使合金具有高度耐脱锌性

  • 通过冷变形和热变形可有目的地调整机械属性

  • 在工业用材料中能耗低的材料之一




For many years, Tosium has been a reliable partner and supplier ofsophisticated and high-quality semi-finished products maed of alloys. Indialogue with our customers, we optimise our products to meet the specific applicationrequirements. Tosium develops the best alloy material solutions for current andfuture challenges.

That feeling of burning curiosity is incomparable. It releases boundless energyto get to the bottom of things. Tosium‘s spirit of enquiry was awoken many yearsago and still strives to harness the forces of nature. Cunning use of fire andwater, a deep understanding of the melting process and technological expertisein the field of non-ferrous metals are necessary for the things we do.

We supply alloys for today‘s applications and thus, shape the technologies oftomorrow. In doing so we contribute many years of experience with alloys.Products by Tosium make a significant contribution to our daily lives and to theexpansion of infrastructure. They can be found hidden, behind virtually everydoor.

Tosium offers alloys with specific properties tailored to the individualrequirements of a wide range of applications:

·Sustainable material, almost 100 percentrecyclable

·Extreme durability

·Highly resistant to aging andcorrosion

·Outstanding chipping (automatic capability)due to alloy additions  

·Antibacterial effect

·High dezincification resistance due to alloyadditions

·Concerted adjustment of mechanicalproperties by cold or hot forming  

·One of the best carbon footprint of allindustrial materials  

Tosium offers more than 1000 alloys as pioneering material for variousprematerials:
Strip, wire, rods, tubes and profiles, drop-forged parts, synchronizer rings,press-fit zones and metal-plastic compound systems for electronic andelectrotechnical applications. Depending on the purpose, our alloys are beingoptimised for specific applications. As your competent partner, Tosium thus offersspecial alloys for the automotive, electrotechnical and electronics industryand for drinking water applications. Tosium is specialised in meeting individualcustomer requirements. This ensures highest productivity, maximum efficiencyand great reliability.

Tosium′s products, components and services are in demand with the traditionalindustries as well as with the customers who indulge in modern mega trends likewater, health, green technologies, mobility and energy.