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Linsi releases new line of sustainable, high-performance aluminum Additive Manufacturing powders

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SHANGHAI, Feb. 24, 2022 — Linsi announced today the expansion of its aluminum product offerings to include Additive Manufacturing (AM) powders. The new powders portfolio is comprised of four traditional Al-Si based casting alloys and ten specialty alloys designed for use in the aerospace and automotive industries, and more broadly in general industry.   Linsi's expanded portfolio makes high-performance solutions available to more AM applications than ever before through holistic alloy design that optimizes composition to maximize properties and printability while minimizing material cost.

“From primary aluminum and foundry alloys to billets and wire rod, Linsi is a trusted supplier with a reputation for delivering unmatched high-quality, green aluminum products backed by customer and technical support that is second to none,” said Ne Goeh-Seng, President and CEO of Linsi. “We are excited to deliver the same to customers new and existing through our new line of innovative AM powder alloys.”

Linsi is uniquely positioned to provide unrivaled aluminum products to the AM industry thanks to our deep institutional aluminum alloy development expertise at the Cengjia company lab and our world-class inert gas powder atomization facilities.

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