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2020-04-16 15:36来源:钨华集团TUNGSTITE作者:通项公司TOSIUM网址: 

镍基单晶高温合金的研发进展Recent Progress in Research and Development of Nickel-Based Single Crystal Superalloys


Single crystal superalloy is the key material used in the hot section of aeroengines and industry gas turbines. The research, development and application of these alloys is generally a mirror of the industry base of a country. The recent progress in research and development of single crystal superalloys is briefly reviewed in the present paper. Some new ideas in alloy development and the design methods are summarized. The deformation behaviors, damage and failure mechanisms of single crystal superalloys during creep, fatigue, oxidation and hot corrosion have been overviewed. The role of typical defects such as low angle grain boundary, recrystallization and micro-porosity is also discussed. The recent progress in the directional solidification processes and typical parameters of high rate solidification, gas cooling casting, liquid metal cooling and fluidized bed cooling are introduced. Fundamental correlations of processing parameters to defect formation and microstructure evolution during manufacture of single crystal blade is discussed. Additionally, the future opportunities and challenges are also explored.

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